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Richard Guy Briggs

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Richard Guy Briggs is standing as a candidate for the second time for the Green Party in the 1999 Ontario Provincial Election in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier because:

"I don't believe any of the other parties understands the importance of taking care of our environment, which ultimately provides everything for us. In addition, I believe in the value of diversity and the need to co-operate with each other, because of our differences."

"I am running for election because this need for ecological responsibility must be given a chance to be heard."

He is a 32-year-old native of Ottawa, living in Sandy Hill starting in 1992 with his wife and two cats.

Having graduated in 1993 from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Computer Engineering, he is currently working as an independant contractor writing Internet privacy software for the FreeS/WAN project.

An avid long-distance cyclist, he does not believe in owning an automobile, because there are many other more sustainable forms of transportation available where he has chosen to live.

He is bilingual as a result of his mixed background of both anglophone and francophone parents.

He will be at Linux Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina from the 20-22 of May, in the middle of the election campaign for reasons closely tied in with Green Values.

For a more detailed personal and professional background, please check his online CV.

The Conservation Co-Op website is hosted on his equipment and internet connection.

You can contact Richard Guy Briggs at: Campaign contributions can be made out to "Richard Guy Briggs Campaign" or "Ottawa-Vanier Green Party of Ontario C.A.". Contributions up to $300 are 75% *tax-refundable* (even with no taxable income! This is new this year.). For example, a $300 contribution cost you only $75. Your contribution helps spread the word.
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